Fuel Billing

Manage the billing side of your community’s fuel delivery program with this comprehensive software


  • Four different customer types are available and you can customize the names for the different types of customers, for example: Residential, Business, Government and Other
  • Simple billing – enter the number of litres/cubic feet/cubic metres delivered and the system will calculate the amount due, including factoring in late charges, delivery charges or tax, if needed
  • Automated billing – customers’ profiles can be configured for autobilling and the software will automatically generate invoices for these customers with just one click each month
  • A flat-rate fee may also be used for all or for certain customer types with the option of assigning a specific amount of litres/cubic feet/cubic metres that are included in the base rate


  • Generate a Customer Account History report for one customer which details all invoices issued and payments made within the date range specified
  • Generate a Customer Balances report showing current balances owing by customer type
  • Generate a Payment Listing which provides information on payments made by customer type
  • Generate a Revenue Listing which provides a complete breakdown of all charges comprising each customer’s invoices and the revenue generated from each customer
  • Generate a Consumption Summary showing the litres/cubic metres/cubic feet sold, the revenue generated, the amounts paid on accounts, and the receivables outstanding for all customer types
  • Generate a 12-Month Summary that details all charges for all clients, including payments made and any balances currently owing over the 12-month span selected
  • Reports can be generated by date range selected for all customer types or for one customer type
  • All reports can be previewed, printed, or saved as a PDF

Complimentary Demonstration

We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary online demonstration of the Fuel Billing software. Please contact us or complete the Software Demonstration Request form.

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Fuel Billing Software
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