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ISC (Indigenous Services Canada) Forms  

    1. Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Website
    2. Application for Registration on the Indian Register and for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status for Adults 16 Years of Age or Older Who Are Not Yet Registered
    3. Application for Registration on the Indian Register and for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status for a Child 15 Years of Age or Younger Who Is Not Yet Registered
    4. Status Card: Application for Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) for Adults, Dependent Adults, and Children (First Card, Replacement Card or Renewal)
    5. Band Council Resolution Form (Fillable)
    6. Non-Insured Health Benefits Information
    7. Proposals, Applications and Workplans: ISC
    8. Proposals, Applications and Workplans: CIRNAC
    9. The Reporting Guide: ISC
    10. The Reporting Guide: CIRNAC

Other Federal Forms 

    1. Application for Social Insurance Card
    2. Canada Child Benefits Application
    3. Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
    4. Employment Insurance (EI)
    5. Old Age Security (OAS) Forms

Ontario-Specific Forms 

    1. Health Card Re-Registration
    2. Health Card Renewal – Adult
    3. Health Card Renewal – Child
    4. Registration for Ontario Health Coverage
    5. Request for Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate (Fill, Print & Submit Online)
    6. Request for Birth Certificate (Print & Fill Out)
    7. Request for Death Certificate (Print & Fill Out)
    8. Request for Marriage Certificate (Print & Fill Out)

Manitoba-Specific Forms 

    1. Application for Health Card
    2. Application for Birth Certificates – Vital Statistics Form
    3. Application for Death Certificates – Vital Statistics Form
    4. Application for Marriage Certificates – Vital Statistics Form