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Membership Database 

Keep track of community members who reside on and off-reserve with this comprehensive software


Easy Access

  • All of the information is easily viewable and categorized using tabs visible along the top edge of the software window
  • Each tab contains specific information relating to Basic Information, Employment History, Education History and Children

Import Data

  • The software allows you to import membership data from various formats such as the Indian Registry Service (IRS) data
  • We can also create a custom import function to convert as much of your existing membership data into our software as possible

Software Settings

  • The software can be protected by setting up a login password
  • You can configure the default information for your community by entering a town/city, province/state, postal/zip code, band number prefix, and registry category that will be used when manually adding individuals to your database
  • When manually adding an individual, the software will autopopulate the preconfigured information, but this can be overwritten if any part of the individual’s basic information differs from what was autopopulated

Searching & Filtering

  • Easily locate an individual in the software by typing all or part of his/her first or last name within the search field
  • You may also use the following filters:
    • Filter List by Age:
      • View entire membership
      • View only adults: Individuals who are currently 18 years of age and older
      • View only children: Individuals who currently under 18 years of age
    • Filter List by Gender:
      • View only males
      • View only females
      • View both genders

Information Tracking

  • The software will allow you to record the following information for individuals:
    • Basic Information:
      • Band number
      • Last Name, Given Name and Middle Name
      • Mailing address (street address, town/city, province/state, postal/zip code)
      • Lives on reserve or on a different reserve
      • Telephone numbers: home, work, and emergency
      • Date of birth
      • Date deceased
      • Gender
      • Social Insurance Number
      • Health Card number
      • Driver’s Licence type
      • Marital status
      • Spouse: establish a link to the individual’s spouse
      • Father: establish a link to the individual’s father
      • Mother: establish a link to the individual’s mother
      • Bill C-31 status
      • Bill S-3 status
      • Indian Registry Category, e.g. 6(1)(a)
      • Indicate if the individual is a member of the First Nation
      • Indicate if the individual is non-status
      • Indicate if the individual is resident in a nursing home
      • Indicate if the individual requires homemaker services
      • Indicate if the individual has a Power of Attorney document
      • Indicate if the individual has a will and record the location of the will
      • Option to opt out of the community’s mailing list, if applicable
      • Option to add the individual’s photo to his/her profile, if desired, by:
        • Uploading a file from your computer
        • Taking a photo using a web camera attached to your computer
    • Employment History:
      • You can check off all of the options that apply to the individual:
        • Is he/she currently employed?
        • Is he/she seeking employment?
        • Is he/she retired?
      • You can enter all of the individual’s work history, including such details as:
        • When the individual started and ended his/her employment with the employer and the software will calculate the length of employment
        • The position held with the employer
        • The name of the employer
        • What province/state the employer is located within
        • Comments/notes for each work history entry
    • Education History:
      • You can enter the education details that apply to the individual:
        • Is he/she currently attending school?
        • What is the individual’s highest level of education attained?
      • You can enter all of the individual’s educational history including such details as:
        • The achievement, certificate, degree, or diploma obtained
        • Name of educational institution or location
        • When the diploma etc. was received
        • Comments/notes regarding each entry
    • Children:
      • You can add an individual’s child(ren) to his/her file
      • If the child is already in the software, you can simply select the child from your membership list to link the child to the individual’s file
      • Adding a child to the individual’s file manually automatically copies the basic details from the parent’s file such as the last name, mailing address, phone numbers, etc. and establishes the links to the parents
      • You can also remove children who are no longer linked to an individual


  • There are a variety of reports that can be generated:
    • Address & Phone Numbers Report
      • Band number, name, address, home and work phone numbers
    • Health Card & Social Insurance Numbers Report
      • Band number, name, health card number, social insurance number, home and work phone numbers
    • Mailing Labels
      • 3-column layout, 30 labels per sheet
      • Custom font size can be selected
      • Option to skip entries with blank addresses and
      • also to override the “Do Not Include In Mailings” setting if you want to print a mailing label for everyone
    • Ages Report
      • Band number, name, date of birth, age, home and work phone numbers
      • Option to show or hide the ages
    • Education Report
      • Band number, name, address, highest education level attained, and age
      • Option to show or to hide the ages
    • Employment Report
      • Band number, name, address, home phone number, if the individual is currently employed, if the individual is looking for employment, and if the individual is living on reserve
    • Family Profile Report
      • Band number, name, date of birth, age, home and work phone numbers, and family member type (e.g. spouse or dependent)
      • Option to show or hide the ages
    • Names Only Report
      • Lists only the names of individuals
    • Member Profile Report
    • Educational Achievements Report
    • Employment Positions Report

All of the above reports can each be filtered by any of the following parameters:

  • Member Status: Members, Non-Members, or All
  • Bill C-31 Status: C-31, Non C-31, or All
  • Bill S-3 Status: S-3, Non S-3, or All
  • Reserve Status: On Reserve, on a Different Reserve, or Off Reserve
  • Gender: Male, Female, or All
  • Employment Status:
    • Employed
    • Not Employed
    • Not Employed: Seeking Employment
    • Not Employed: Not Seeking Employment
    • Employed: Seeking Employment
    • Employed: Not Seeking Employment
    • All
  • Education Status: Attending School, Not Attending School, or All
  • Education Attained: Choose from any education level to any other education level
  • Age Range: Choose a starting and an ending age range as of a particular date (e.g. election date)
  • Country: Canada Only, Outside Canada, or All
  • Living Persons
  • Deceased Persons
  • Born in a Certain Year
  • Power of Attorney: Yes or No
  • Educational Achievement
  • Employment Position

The above reports may have other options such as:

  • Sorting by using any two of the following options:
    • Name
    • Band number
    • Age
    • Gender
  • Customized Report Heading: overrides the default heading with your own custom one.
  • Hide Criteria From Report Heading: does not display your criteria selections.
  • Show Age On Report: show the age of the member on the report.

Statistics Report

This report will allow you to generate statistics as of a specific date, such as the current date or the date of an upcoming election, etc. You can also filter the report by including Living Persons and/or Deceased Persons. The report will provide you with a full breakdown of all of the following information:

      • Members, non-members and non-status individuals statistics:
        • By Gender, by Adults and Children, Bill C-31 and Bill S-3 status, Living On Reserve/Off Reserve/On Another Reserve
      • Marital status statistics for members, non-members and non-status adults (18+)
      • Employment statistics for members, non-members and non-status adults (18+):
        • Employed, Unemployed, Seeking Employment, Not Seeking Employment, and Retired
      • Members, non-members and non-status individuals under 18 years of age and attending school
      • Members, non-members and non-status individuals requiring homemaker services
      • Members, non-members and non-status individuals residing in a nursing home
      • Age range demographics and percentage breakdowns by age group for members, non-members and non-status individuals according to the following age ranges:
        • 0-4, 5-9, 10-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64
        • 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90 and older

All of the reports can be previewed, printed, saved as a PDF, or exported as an Excel file. When exporting the Statistics to Excel, it will create separate sheets for the different statistics as well as sheets containing charts of those statistics.

Complimentary Demonstration

We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary online demonstration of the Membership software. Please contact us or complete the Software Demonstration Request form.

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