Gas Station Management 

The Gas Station Management software is the ideal sales management solution for independent gas stations


  • Easy-to-use icon interface that allows you to quickly select the desired option.
  • The software is password-protected and allows for configuration of up to two different login profiles.
  • Back up the software and check for updates using the convenient built-in options.

Gas Station Management software home screen.

Tax Rates

  • You can configure as many different tax rates as needed for the items that you sell.
  • The appropriate tax can then be selected when entering fuel and other products into their respective databases.

Fuel Types Database

  • You can configure an unlimited number of customizable types of fuel and select the tax that should be applied to the fuel type.
  • Two different per-litre rates can be entered for each fuel type if your business charges different rates for different customer types.

Fuel types database.

Product Database

  • You can enter an unlimited number of customizable sundry items such as windshield washer fluid, food products, etc. and select the tax (if any) that should be applied to the item.
  • Note that the tax can be changed at the time of invoicing in the event that the customer purchasing the product should not be charged tax.

Customer Database

  • You can enter an unlimited number of customers into the customer database and make changes to the profiles, as needed.

Invoices, Statements and Receipts

  • Invoices, statements and receipts can be generated for printing or for saving in PDF or in Microsoft Excel format.
  • All documents issued will feature your business’s logo, contact information, HST/GST registration number and an optional customizable message that can appear at the bottom.


  • Generate a wide variety of informative reports by date range and/or by customer:
    • Customer Information Report
    • Invoices Report (includes a breakdown and a total of taxes charged)
    • Customer Statements
    • Outstanding Invoices Report
    • Fuel Type Sales Report (includes litres sold for each fuel type)
    • Payments Report
    • Product Sales Report
    • Fuel Type Readings – Detailed Report of Fuel Tank Readings Entered Into the Software
    • Fuel Type Readings – Simple Report of Fuel Tank Readings Entered Into the Software
    • Fuel Type Readings Sheet – To Record Fuel Tank Gauge Readings by Hand

BONUS FEATURE: Fuel Tank Consumption Tracker

  • The software even includes the ability to enter the opening and closing readings for the fuel tanks for all of the gas types that your business sells so that you can reconcile the litres used with the sales entered into the software each day.

Complimentary Demonstration

We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary online demonstration of the Gas Station Management software. Please contact us or complete the Software Demonstration Request form.

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