GWA-OW Calculator 

This software provides complete case and financial management for the Ontario Works program

Summary of the Main Features

    • Convenient pull-down menu system for easy access to features
    • Security and Control:

      • Usernames and passwords are required to gain access to the system
      • All access to the system is stored to a file which will identify what computer a person is attempting to log in from and at what time/date. This will also store the username and/or passwords used to gain access to the system.
      • You can restrict users’ access to specific menus and functions using our the software’s access control system
  • Search for Clients Using:

    • Client’s ID, first name, last name, or street address
    • Spouse’s first and/or last name
    • Dependant’s first and/or last name
    • Social Insurance Number
  • Client Basic Information:

    • All ID numbers used in the system for each of the applicant, spouse and dependant must be unique; no duplicates will be permitted
    • Choice of payment frequencies: one or two payments per month
    • Checks for valid Health Card and Social Insurance Numbers – the software will not allow you to leave incorrect numbers in the system!
  • Entitlement Calculation:

    • Calculates client entitlements based on benefit unit size
    • Automatically factors in applicable items such as the earnings exemptions, the advanced age allowance, or no amounts for heat to be included between specific months that you specify, etc.
    • Automatically moves dependants into their proper age category based on the month and year you are calculating an entitlement for or approving payments for
    • Accommodates all types of income, including government (EI, OAS, etc.) and special income categories such as when clients are in non-compliance or have other deemed income
    • Ability to calculate and produce a payment for a prorated amount of assistance for clients who apply for assistance after the main payment run has already been completed
  • Single Source Data Entry:

    • When information is updated in the entitlement calculation section, you are required to update the appropriate information within the Form 1 section as well which ensures that accurate information is on file at all times
  • Payments

    • Clients can receive their payments by cheque, direct bank deposit or by reloadable card
    • Suppliers can receive their payments by cheque or by direct bank deposit
  • Transaction History:

    • Allows you to view all of the transactions (i.e. payments/cheques, repayments, adjustments, etc.) made on behalf of the client
    • Quickly access the details on each transaction, such as what month and year the transaction was charged to and whether or not the transaction has been claimed
  • Reports:

    • Numerous accounting reports:
      • Transaction detail reports
      • Outstanding overpayments
      • Payment registers
      • And many others reports!
    • Client management reports which include:
      • Various detailed informational reports
      • Produces Outstanding Documentation notices for clients who have information that is 30/60/90 days past due. This is based on the due dates that have been entered on the Verification Checklist and can be used to terminate case files that are not in compliance with providing information in a timely fashion
      • Income Statement History
      • Mailing Labels & Envelopes
      • Statistical Reports
      • Duplicate and/or missing SIN and Health Card number listings
      • And many other reports!
  • Forms:

    • The software can produce a full range of forms that are identical to their original MCCSS, ISC and ONWAA counterparts. The forms will merge the actual information onto the form itself and then generate it. You can also print blank copies of the forms. Here are examples of commonly used forms that are available:
      • Application for Assistance – Part 1 – Financial Assistance (Form 1 #0983)
      • Application for Assistance – Part 2 – Participation Agreement (Form #2845)
      • Application for Provincial Subsidy (Subsidy Claim Form #3028)
      • Application for Temporary Care Assistance (Form #0984)
      • Appointment of Trustee (Form #1046)
      • Appeal Form (Form #2854)
      • Child Care Receipt (Form #2843)
      • Consent to Disclose and Verify Information (Form #3)
      • Consent to Disclose and Verify Information (CRA Version)
      • Consent to Release Medical Information (Form #2844)
      • Co-Resident Information & Questionnaire (Forms #1041 & #2764)
      • Cost of Administration (Form #8)
      • Cost of Staff Training (Form #7)
      • Declaration of Support and Maintenance (Form #2212)
      • Emergency Application (Form #1A)
      • First Nation Ontario Works Request for Equifax Information
      • Homemakers/Nurses Claim Form for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Form #2860-69)
      • Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Monthly Report (DCI #495132)
      • Rights & Responsibilities (Form #1107)
      • School Attendance (Form #2221)
      • T5007 Slips for clients and the T5007 summary form, including the ability to generate an XML file of the T5007 slip data to send to the CRA electronically
      • Verification Checklist (Form #0499)
      • Various Ontario Works Self-Employment Business Income Calculation Forms
      • Various ONWAA standard forms
  • Employment Assistance Features:

    • All of the Ontario Works information required by MCCSS can be entered by selecting the participant to work with and then selecting the appropriate information category you want to enter
    • Numerous Employment Assistance reports such as Active Participants, Deferred Participants, dependants between specific age ranges, participants waiting for workshops, expense reports for participants, and Employment Statistics (used to help complete the MCCSS Ontario Works Budget Spreadsheet package), among many other reports
    • Custom user databases that contain information on Agencies, Job Postings, Sponsors, Placements, Organizations, Staff, etc.
  • PDF-Generating Capabilities:

    • Any report or form that can be viewed onscreen in the software can be saved as a PDF file
    • The PDF file is created internally by the software, so there is no need to purchase special PDF-creation software
  • Ontario Works Directives:

    • The Ontario Works Directives are available at your fingertips in the software
    • Search for any word or phrase in the Directives and the program will find all occurrences within the entire document
    • Ability to print specific pages for your reference
    • You can have the software and the Directives open at the same time so that you can toggle back and forth between them
  • Backup Features:

    • Back up all of the software files (data files, spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.) to any drive such as a flash drive, an external hard drive, or a network location using an option in the software
    • With a subscription to our Data Backup Service, you can back up your data files to our secure server via the internet
  • Additional Software Features:

    • The software is meticulously maintained so that it is always compliant with the latest MCCSS rate tables and with any other changes that MCCSS makes to the Ontario Works program amounts or regulations
    • The software contains links under the Help menu to access the Ontario Works Social Assistance Extranet website, the Ontario Works Regulations website, as well as links to various relevant pages on Canada Revenue Agency, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, Indigenous Services Canada and Service Ontario websites
  • These are just a few of the many features that the program offers!

Why switch to the GWA-OW Calculator software?

  • The software is highly rated by MCCSS Program Supervisors and it is currently in use at over 120 First Nation Ontario Works offices and DSSABs
  • Individual and group training sessions are available
  • We offer superior customer service and comprehensive support
  • We have over 29 years of experience in the field of social services software design and support!

DSSAB Software to Complement the GWA-OW Calculator Software

  • Our DSSAB software program is designed to be used by District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs), Tribal Councils, PTOs, or Boards
  • It can be used to administer Ontario Works funds on behalf of a group of First Nation communities
  • The software allows you to reproduce and/or roll-up Subsidy Claim Forms and Employment Statistics from any or all of the member sites

Complimentary Demonstration

We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary online demonstration of the GWA-OW Calculator software. Please contact us or complete the Software Demonstration Request form.

GWA-OW Calculator Software
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